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The professional staff of Counseling and Career Services helps students, staff, and faculty resolve existing problems, prevent potential problems, and develop new skills that will enrich their lives. Moving from one stage of life to another can be stressful and though an exciting time these transitions present multiple challenges, new demands, as well as opportunities for growth.

We recognize that stress experienced during critical transitional periods sometimes creates difficulties that can interfer with academic performance, relationships and one’s overall quality of life. These difficulties can often be alleviated through professional counseling.The counseling services provided by the Office of Counseling and Career Services are designed to promote and enhance the quality of life for individuals by offering prevention and early treatment or referral for developmental, emotional or interpersonal difficulties that arise.

Counseling services are delivered in several formats including individual, couples and group counseling, classes, and workshops. Consultation and outreach services are also available to faculty and staff, University organizations and departments.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic Telehealth counseling services are offered to students via WebEx, Zoom and FaceTime. To set up an appointment students may contact the counselors through the website by clicking on the "Click here to contact Counseling and Career Services" statement below or calling (318) 357-5621. Students who are attending classes on site may choose to come to the office for services or receive counseling services online. to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus Counseling and Career Services will be following strict guidelines.  Please take a minute to read our Covid-19 Prevention Guidelines before you visit our office.

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Student Health 101


If you or someone you know is struggling you are not alone. Join MTVU, MTV's 24-hour college network and the Jed Foundation which explores college students’ emotional health in their Emotional Health 101 video.

Half-of-us-logoHalf of Us is a great resource to find ways take control of your emotional health; to use an anonymous screening tool to check your emotional health; to learn how to help a friend because you’re worried about him or her; and to get connected to get help for yourself or a friend.

 ULifeline is an online resource for college mental health. Learn more about mental health issues that impact college students, wellness, how to help yourself and your friends.  To screen yourself for problems that may be affecting your thoughts, feelings and behavior click on the Self-Evaluator.


Man therapy is an online tool designed to help men with their mental health. Take the "head inspection" assessment, live chat, crisis services and tools for handling stress and difficult life events.

For Student Veterans Are you a current or veteran of military services?  If so you may be experiencing difficulty adjusting to civilian life, relating to those around you, or finding groups of people with shared experiences that can help.  For soldiers that have been deployed some PTSD symptoms may exist including nightmares, avoidance, feelings of danger, shame, guilt, or even depression.  If some of these symptoms are present know that you are not alone and help is available!  Please feel free to contact Northwestern State University Counseling and Career Services where we can provide you with a Licensed Professional Counselor or refer you to a Veterans Affairs center in your local area.  Remember we are here to serve you!

KOGNITO Are you worried about a friend or a classmate? College can be a stressful time. Build the confidence to talk to a friend who may need help.

Kognito At-Risk for College Students

Professional Development & Student Education

At-Risk for College and University is part of a suite of products to educate faculty, staff, and students about mental health and suicide prevention which supports improved academic performance, student retention, and campus safety. Specifically, this product is an interactive role-play simulation for students that builds awareness, knowledge and skills about mental health and suicide prevention and prepares users to lead real-life conversations with fellow students in distress and connect them with support.

Login for Learners: (Enrollment Key: nsula)

Make the Connection is a website for student veterans in higher education. There is useful information regarding life events experienced by service men and women, resources for making the adjustment to civilian and college life, information about common emotional, behavioral and mental health issues and mental health screening assessments, self-help programs and apps to help with coping challenges.

                                                  NATIONAL HOTLINES

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Dial 988

 The Steve Fund

TEXT STEVE to 741741 to access a culturally trained Crisis Text Line counselor                      

The Trevor Lifeline  

1-866-488-7386 LBGTQQIA 




 National Rape Crisis Hotline 1-800-656-4673