Counseling Resources
Here are some links that may be helpful to you. If you have a favorite link you think should be included on this site please email us and let us know.

Gift from Within
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence 
Male survivors of sexual abuse 
Self Injury 
Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault 

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Alcoholics Anonymous
College Drinking
Marijuana Anonymous
Web of Addictions


Anxiety Disorders of America
Anxiety, Panic, Stress
Coping with Fear
National Institute of Mental Health

My3 Free Suicide Safety App
Black Community-Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Resources for People of Color

Mental Health Resources for Black Students
Black Mental Wellness


Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
Depression Central
Help for Depression

Eating Disorders
Eating Disorder Assessment
National Eating Disorder Information Center
National Eating Disorders Organization
Women's Health
 Grief and Loss 

National Students of Ailing Mothers and Fathers Support Network

Health and Wellness

Holistic/Alternative Medicine Live Strong

National Women's Resource Center

Wellness Quiz
Trevor Project
Zebra Coalitiion
Trans Lifeline

Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays


 Mental Health Resources
Healthy Place 
Internet Mental Health
National Institute of Mental Health 
Drug Net
 Self Assessment/Screenings

Personality tests
Screening tests for ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Sexual Disorders

 Self Help

Go Ask Alice

 Sexual Health
Help for Sexual Addiction
Sexual Addiction Screening Tool
Discovery Health