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To the Employer...
     This service is designed for your maximum benefit and satisfaction. If you have a part-time or temporary job opening suitable for a college student, just call the NSU Job Location & Development Office at 318-357-5621 and ask for Susan Hussey.
     When you call, we will complete an Employment Request Form to help us identify the type of person you desire, the position requirements and qualifications, and any other needs. All information you give will be kept confidential. One or more qualified applicants will then be sent to you by appointment for your consideration. After that, the hiring decision is yours alone. All of this translates to cost and time savings to you and your organizaiton.
     Best of all, you face no red tape, no paperwork, no contracts and NO FEES! We prescreen our candidates based on your needs; no wasted time on unqualified applicants. All it takes is a phone call.