I. Confidentiality

A. All students who register for Job Location Service have authorized the JLD staff to complete reference checks (personal and employment) to be placed in the student's personnel file.

B. Access to student personnel files is restricted to the JLD Officer, JLD Graduate Assistant and student employees in the JLD office, who are informed of the confidentiality regulations.

II. Job Announcements

A. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain contact with the JLDO to remain informed of additional employment opportunities, and to convey interest in the job search process.

B. Job postings will be sent to JLD students daily at their NSU email account. The postings will also be sent via email to certain Department contacts for distribution to students as faculty members see fit, and in the method they choose, i.e., class announcements, postings, personal contacts, etc.

III. Placement

A. Once an Employment Request Form has been completed by a prospective employer, the JLDO will identify students who match the profile of the requesting organization and will forward resumes to the employer for review.

B. The employing organization has the sole right to choose candidates for interviewing and hiring.

C. Students who become gainfully employed are required to notify the JLDO so that their personnel file may be updated and removed from non-working status until further notification from the student.

IV. Revocation of Job Location Services

A. A student who does not follow through on all of the steps required for registering and processing into the JL D program will be placed in inactive status by the JLDO.

B. A student who does not show up for an appointment with the JLDO or employer will be placed in inactive status.

C. The JLDO can place a student in inactive status at his/her discretion based on feedback from employers.